It’s Bright Inside My Head

*Awarded fourth place in “Series” category, Documentary Family Awards 2018

*Exhibited in “Gerda Taro: Art, War, and Rebellion” MOA Museum of Operation Avalanche Eboli, Italy 2019

Facing some fairly fixed tv rations over the summer of 2018, seven year old Olivia is forced to make her own fun. This work looks at the wildness of girlhood. It looks at their ferocity and strength, their deep inner life, and at the things we have, for centuries, told them they should tame. It is an observation of absolute abandon.


Faces of a Revolution

Images from The Women’s March NYC, 2018

Hye Yun Upstream

Ongoing project following Korean-American actress and writer, Hye Yun Park. Looking for the presence of family, in the absence of family.

The Pussy Scratching Fox Show

Performers for an underground variety show prepare backstage, before stepping onstage at a Lower East Side bar, 2019