DAY IN THE LIFE sessions


Invite me to your bbq, bar mitzvah, or boring -but believe me photogenic- Sunday at home. I can be there to capture the honesty in all the love and chaos of family life. That’s where the gold is.

FULL DAY- Sunrise till sunset. Whether you have an adventure planned or plan on staying in, I will be your family’s personal storyteller for the day. The best moments to capture are often at the beginning and the end of your day. The love, the laughter, and the tired eyes are what makes this full session really sing. *Includes downloadable digital gallery and hard cover Layflat photo album. BOOKINGS

HALF DAY- 5 hours. This session is a great option if you have an informal family celebration that you want to remember, or if you don’t want to wake up with my camera in your face! *Includes downloadable digital gallery and hardcover Layflat photo album. BOOKINGS

SLICE OF LIFE- A 2 hour window to your world. In this session I can document an ordinary part of your day; getting the kids out the door for school, dinner time shenanigans, a stroll around the block. It’s amazing how the things we do mindlessly, on repeat hold the most meaning. *Includes downloadable digital album and 2 16x20 prints of your choice. BOOKINGS